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Spanish Wine Experience

Apr 23, 2022

Sherry. That famously misunderstood wine; sometimes sweet, sometimes drier than bone dry. Always fortified. But what if a sherry winemaker decided to release a sherry...unfortified? Well that's what Luke and Roque have this week. A bottle of Socaire from VT Cadiz. 

Apr 18, 2022

This week Roque and Luke head back to Bierzo; one of their favourite DOs. Why? Well, since 2019 a lot of Spanish wine regions have been undergoing major changes to their rules and regs. So they plan to revisit and drink their way through the changes. This week Banzao's Godello Vino de Villa. 

Apr 11, 2022

What goes into a wine? Grapes? Sure. Fermented ones? That’s right. And sometimes more than one type. The idea of a blended wine isn’t new, but it’s not often talked about. Bordeaux is a blend, Rioja traditionally is a blend. Today we wanted to talk about blending with an awesome little wine that puts the idea of...