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Spanish Wine Experience

Jul 26, 2018

BIG NEWS! It’s the last DO!!!Roque and Luke have come to the end of the official 71 denominaciones de origen! A final journey to the Canary Islands, in this case DO La Palma, to drink a bottle of Piezas N2 by Matías Torres. A very small production white wine made from the unique Albillo Criollo grape. They chat mega...

Jul 19, 2018

On this week’s podcast Roque has a very specific and peculiar challenge for Luke. Three wines, covered up, and ready to be sampled. Which grapes and regions lie in front of him? Have his studies paid off? Has he earned his pins? Let’s find out if Luke can identify the wines Roque has chosen on this blind wine...

Jul 12, 2018

This week the SWE boys head to the unknown VT Ribera de Queiles in Aragon/Navarra to drink a sturdy Tempranillo/Cab Franc blend called Numbernine from Winery Arts; part of the Vintae group. They talk the meaning of ‘tinto’ and their respective alcoholic holidays.

Jul 5, 2018

This week Roque and Luke see that there’s life beyond the DOs as they travel to the depths of the Sierra de Aralar in Andalucía to try a beefy unique bottle of red from the mountain village Almonaster la Real. A bottle of Bemoles - a blend of Monastrell, Syrah, Merlot - from Bodegas Cerro San Cristobal. They also...