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Spanish Wine Experience

Sep 26, 2022

This week Roque and Luke try perhaps the most influential grape no-one's ever heard of and that you'll rarely find: Cayetana. Though, as you'll find out - hell, as they'll find out - it goes by many names and has been a historic figure hiding in the shadows for centuries.

Sep 20, 2022

Ah yes, terroir, that most mysterious of words. So vague, so pretentious, so winey, so French. But, credit where credit is due, it is a great concept, an important concept and a useful way to think about wine. This week we talk about the idea of terroir by trying a new project from a winemaker who likes to play. Three...

Sep 3, 2022

It's party time in many parts of Spain! And why? Well, it's the vendimia, the grape harvest. And Roque is about to head down to one; we all hope he makes it back alive. This week we want to take you through some of the best and most alocholic wine-fiestas in Spain!