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Spanish Wine Experience

Sep 30, 2016

On this podcast Roque and Luke wrestle with the bristling intensity yet sultry elegance of Toro; a land famous for big reds. Also...they make fun of each other as usual.

Sep 26, 2016

Today we record our podcast from La Taberna del León de Oro, right in the old city center of Madrid to talk about Valencia wines, Mala Vida, in particular, a blend of three different grapes as interesting as tasting. Don't miss today's episode, because we also talk about alligators. 

Sep 13, 2016

On this episode we head northeast with a Pyrenean white wine from the region of Somontano and, of course, the usual expected silly banter.

Sep 8, 2016

Today we drink and talk about Rioja wines. Welcome to the Spanish Wine Experience.